Policies & Rates

Amended: June 1st , 2017
Effective: June 1st , 2017

IMPORTANTREAD CAREFULLY: This End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (in your capacity as an individual and/or as an agent for your company, institution, or other entity) and Just Ship It. By using our service, you agree to the following policies, terms, and conditions. We reserve the right to amend our rates, policies, terms, and conditions at any time.

Store Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Closed on Sundays and Bahamian Public Holidays

U.S. Warehouse:
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Closed on Sundays and U.S. Federal Holidays

*Please call our Nassau office in advance to arrange drop offs to the U.S. warehouse.

Shipping Timelines:

Air shipments arrive in store three (3) times per week.
Ocean shipments arrive in our store once per week; packages for ocean shipments are dropped off from our U.S. warehouse on Wednesdays for sailings.
Actual shipping days may vary; however, there are no scheduled shipments on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Please call to arrange for shipments outside of our weekly schedule, as we may be able to make express arrangements where required. Where urgent shipments are requested, express rates apply. Additionally, to assist with the request, we require 24 hour notice of the weight, contents, and dimensions to reserve the necessary space.

Cut off times:

AIR: Packages must be received at our Florida location and invoice emailed to us by 10:00 a.m. on the business day (Monday-Friday) prior to our shipment. E.g. Wednesday’s shipment – invoice must be sent and packages must be received at our Florida location by Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.  To avoid delay please send your invoice via email as soon as your order is placed.

OCEAN: Packages must be received at our Florida location with sufficient time to be processed and invoice provided to us by 5 p.m. on Tuesdays, as packages for ocean shipments are dropped off from our U.S. warehouse on Wednesday morning for sailings.

Just Ship It reserves the right to amend cut off and shipment times.


The greater of the actual weight and dimensional weight is used to calculate freight charges for air shipments. For your ease of reference, dimensional weight is calculated as follows: Length x Width x Height (inches) / 166.  Refer to the shipping rate calculator on our website for assistance.

Air Rates:
0-5lbs.: $10.00 flat fee (shipments are assessed Bahamas Customs duty, processing fees and Customs VAT as indicated above and environmental fees where applicable).
Over 5-29.99lbs.: $1.80 per lb.  (shipments are assessed Bahamas Customs duty, processing fees and Customs VAT as indicated above and environmental fees where applicable).
30lbs. & over: $0.99 per lb.  (shipments are assessed Bahamas Customs duty, processing fees and Customs VAT as indicated above and environmental fees where applicable)+ Documentation Fee of $25 for a maximum of 10 lines.

Ocean Rates:
$35.00 Medium Box-18 in. x 18 in. x 16 in. (If it fits it ships)
$45.00 Large Box- 18 in. x 18 in. x 24 in. (If it fits it ships)
$55.00 X-Large Box- 22 in. x 22 in. x 21 in. (If it fits it ships)
$285.00 Pallet price (5ft high limit) + delivery charge
$285.00 Common Household appliances (Fridge, Stove, washer, dryer, sofa, love seat, bed, night stand) + delivery charge

The above ocean rates are subject to a Documentation Fee of $25 for a maximum of 10 lines

Rates listed are subject to V.A.T., and customs V.A.T. is applied to the landed cost of all imported items.  In addition to the relevant rate of duty, Bahamas Customs Department also assesses a processing fee of 1% on the value of items imported subject to a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500.  Environmental levies are charged where applicable.

Just Ship It charges a Documentation Fee of $25 + VAT for all air shipments 30lbs. and over and all ocean shipments.

Express Rates:
Please contact us so that we can arrange.

Family Islands:
While we are based in New Providence, we can arrange forwarding of your items to the family islands once received at our Nassau location. Please contact us so that we can advise you of payment options, and arrange delivery of your items to the mail boat or airline of your choice at no additional charge. Any costs charged by the mail boat or airline is payable by the customer. We require 24 hour notice to accommodate forwarding to the family islands.

U.S. Pickups:
Fort Lauderdale/Broward – $60.00
Miami/Opa-Locka/Hialeah/Doral- $70.00
Boca Raton/Delray Beach – $70.00
Coral Gables – $80.00
Boynton Beach/Lake Worth – $80.00
West Palm Beach – $90.00
Kendal – $90.00
Homestead – $100.00

Pickup request for Large Items (requiring 2 persons) will be billed an additional $55.
Pickups are only done from business establishments*Please also note that all pickup requests require at least 24-hour prior notice (during normal business hours).

Purchases/Order Assistance:
For clients who may not have a credit card, we can assist with online purchases in our store. The cost payable prior to the order being placed comprises the following:

Price of Purchase (Cost of Items/Taxes/U.S. Shipping)  + Exchange Fee (7% to a minimum of $5) + Order Assistance Fee ($10). Please note that the order assistance covers a maximum of two stores.

If assistance is needed to locate the desired items, this can be done at a cost of $5 for each 30 minutes or part thereof .

The applicable freight, duty/processing/environmental levy, and documentation fees etc. are due once the item arrives in our store.

Local Delivery of Packages (Business Accounts):
$25.00 for the first box (up to 50lbs).
$10.00 each additional box (up to 50lbs).
$5.00 per box surcharge for boxes over 50lbs up to 100 lbs.
$75.00 per pallet (standard size pallets of up to 6ft high)

Any other shipments are quoted on a case by case basis.

Failure to collect packages within 5 business days of arrival to our Nassau location will result in storage fees being assessed. Storage fees will be charged at $3.00 per day .   Failure to collect packages within 30 days will result in your package(s) being sold to cover the cost incurred in importing your items.

Packages must be collected in the order they are received.

Customer ID:
Your name and customer identification number must be used on all packages being shipped.  Failure to do so will result in delays until such time as we are able to confirm the identity of the client.

Official photo i.d. is required to collect packages. If you are sending a representative to collect packages on your behalf, we require written consent accompanied by a copy of your official photo i.d. along with the i.d. of the person collecting on your behalf.  Alternatively, an email can be sent from the email address on file including the name of the person authorized to collect the particular shipment, and that individual must present a photo i.d. to collect the package.

Bahamas Customs requires invoices for the importation of shipments to determine its value and duty. Items will not be shipped without invoices. To avoid delays with your shipments, invoices must be sent prior to the cut off times for shipments. Please e-mail invoices to info@justshipitbahamas.com once orders are placed.  It is helpful if you include your name, and a brief description of the items ordered in the email

Invoices Must:

  • Include the name/logo of the vendor
  • Be clearly marked with a description of the contents of the package
  • Have an itemized cost and quantity for each line item on the invoice (this also applies to used items, samples etc.)
  • Show the invoice total including any shipping fees and taxes


Prepayments are due in the following instances:

  1. Where the total charges (including freight, duty, etc.) are expected to be between $300 and $500, a 50% deposit is required in advance for the package to be shipped and cleared.
  2. Where the total charges (including freight, duty, etc.) are expected to be greater than $500, full payment is required in advance for the package to be shipped and cleared.
  3. When a pick-up/in store order is arranged, the cost of the item, pickup/order assistance and exchange fees are due in full in advance of the pickup/purchase being completed by Just Ship It. Freight, duty and other necessary fees will be charged once the item arrives in store.
  4. Oversized packages (over 125lbs) require a 50% deposit to ship.

Package size (over 125lbs):
Any package that is over 125lbs in actual or dimensional weight will be held for authorization (from the customer) to be shipped by air; additionally, a 50% deposit is required.

Illegal Items:
There will be no shipment of any illegal items. If there are any illegal items found in any packages to be shipped, the proper authorities will be advised and the shipper/consignee (client) will face legal ramifications.

Perishable/Urgent Shipments:
At the moment we are not processing shipment of perishable items.  Please contact us in advance to arrange urgent shipments; otherwise items will ship out on our next available flight.

Damage/Refusal of Packages:
We reserve the right to refuse packages arriving to our U.S. address with visible damage.

Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse packages for reasons including but not limited to hazardous materials, illegal items/substances, oversized packages without previous arrangements being made etc.

Just Ship It will not be held responsible for defects in manufacturing or damage as a result of improperly packed goods. Additionally, we are not liable for damages or claims of missing items once the package has left the store.

Please note a package protection fee of 5% will be levied on all fragile/high valued items (e.g. televisions, computers, laptops etc.); package protection for other items can be purchased by the client at a cost of 5% and must be arranged prior to the items being shipped from our U.S. warehouse.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT):
A hazardous material is defined as any substance or material that could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers or carriers during transportation.  This typically includes any flammable/corrosive/explosive substance or material.

Nail Polish/Nail Polish Remover
Perfumes / Colognes
Paint Thinner
Aerosols (Air fresheners/Spray Paint)
Chemical Waste
Pesticides (Liquid (Flammable) or Aerosols)

Items considered “hazmat” may incur additional charges, or may not be able to be shipped via air.

Additional Exportation Requirements:
For shipments over $2,500, a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) is required and must be filed with the US Census Bureau prior to export. There is a filing fee of $15 and processing charge of $25.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.